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ECOPUNTO System, in its different models and combinations, allows the underground recovery for wheelie bins, special bins, recycling waste bells, removable trash compactors. Only at its usual RESTING position the towers for the waste introduction are visible: The ECOPUNTOs fit perfectly with the current methods of collecting and with the urban context.

The benefits coming from the installation of the ECOPUNTOs are manifold: support for the separate waste collection, reduction of the damaging effects caused by waste in contact with the environment, removal of architectural barriers, … We have studied, designed and manufactured different ECOPUNTO “Telescopico” (patented) models for every kind of bins, bells, roll on-off compactors. Clicking on each model, you can access the specific web page which shows all the technical and descriptive specifications.


- Telescopic: “loading” platform and “top closing” platform separate and simultaneous movement;
- Frame manufactured in steel profiles completely hot dip galvanized;
- Unit lifting by means of pantographic system or vertical guides moved by three (or Five) hydraulic cylinders powered by a low noise level electro-hydraulic power pack;
- Top closure platform waterproof and heat insulated to slow the waste fermentation;
- Mechanical safety lock (manual) for the maintenance operations;
- Electro-hydraulic valves - always active - positioned on each hydraulic cylinder;
- The ECOPUNTO are pre-arranged for the ECOpin installation (data transmission kit).


The lifting system used for ECOPUNTO allows a separate movement between the “loading” platform and the “top closing” platform. ECO PUNTO with its own telescopic movement allows:

- automatic and complete emptying of the waste contained in the towers during the unit lifting operation to prevent spillage of waste from the wheelie bin below;
- the minimization of the depth of the excavation and the construction works;
- maximum freedom of movement for workers during the handling of the wheelie bins;
- the roll on-off compactor loading by the truck stopped by the ECOPUNTO (without any dragging);
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